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    Eh, imo, the current 'Victory Road' style makes me feel that I'm on my way to fight the best y'know? Because look - on pokemon games, we first arrive at the gates, where we have to show each of our badges. I think this is just me, but I stop and think, wow, remember that badge from when I fought with that gym leader? That was quite a struggle and hassle to acquire it! Plus, maybe a crack or two on how the gym leader was weird... etc. So yeah, I do feel a sense of brief nostalgic from those gates, so, I'm not sure if I'd want to change that; unless it can be something like... a red carpet at Hollywood, and all the famous trainers who beat the gym leaders and gain all the gym badges arrive to show off before Victory Road?

    ..Which does lead me onto Victory Road. Remember at GSC, where your Rival, silver, says, 'noticed how there were no trainers? those bunch of wimps can't stand the pressure' or.. something paraphrased like that. I guess Victory Road shows that "intimidation" on where your literally, on the road to fight the best trainers this region has to offer, and along the way, you'll face high quality trainers and powerful-than-normal wild pokemon.

    So... my point is I just don't see them changing or scrapping that idea anytime soon, unless maybe... they can change up the style of the cave to say, there is lava instead of water? (owo) And even more variety of wild pokemon? Orrrr they can change up Victory road entirely; sort of reminiscent of Ganon's Tower in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, where there are different rooms, or cave paths, and for each one, you'd have to battle trainers, and solve puzzles that represent each gym badge you've acquired (eg. an ice gym badge would have an ice floor and a ice puzzle, with trainers using ice pokemon), and at the end, you'd show the gatekeeper, or whoever that very gym badge and some sort of 'thing' will be unlocked, so if you unlocked them all, you can go on ahead to the actual Elite Four.

    Or something like that; that'd be cool imo!

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