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Originally Posted by LightningAlex View Post
Congratulations on your boyfriend, Nakuzami :) May I ask how you two met?
Ooooh, I guess that's where I can start.
That seems like an awkward story to tell. Well, time to make an attempt, lol.

I think I knew him for about a year, perhaps a little more, before we started dating. AHAHAHA, but the circumstances of our meeting is where it gets a bit awkward. Not at the time, but when I tell the story now it is.
At that time, he was dating my sister. :/ Well, technically my step-sister. WELL, if you get really technical she's not even that; her mother and my father have been together for, like, ten+ years, but they're not married. They refer to themselves as being married though. (Oh gosh, I sound like I'm making excuses. I guess I am. xD)

Let's put it this way: my sister is a bit of a psycho and knows how to be a major b****. She randomly decided that she hated his guts this summer. She stopped dating him a few months before that, when she pretty much dumped him to chase a long distance relationship that didn't end up lasting anyways. (I think I've already been dating him longer than my sister did.)
He's bisexual. I've known that since she was dating him, and I suppose I had a crush on him for a while and . . . oh my, I don't even know. @[email protected] Long story short: we liked each other and started dating September 16th. There's . . . about a three year and nine month age difference between us, (apparently completely legal in NY) lol. The only time I even notice it is when it comes to talking about school or all them privileges you get when you turn eighteen, which he did October 1st. //pfft

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