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    "Be resolute in your faith, you'll alter the destiny of Sylon Region."

    Logan/Alma is a trainer who lives in Cedar City. One day, professor Avery asks him/her to find and record data on each Pokémon Logan/Alma meets. He/She is going to travel the whole region with his best friend Elijah. When they are trying to go to Solar City to meet Professor Avery, they encountered Team Mirage. Team Mirage was quite active in Tyron Region 1 year ago. However, it was disbanded. Now, Team Mirage is back, Team Mirage members tell Logan/Alma that they want to be helpful to humans moving forward. Why did they re-organize Team Mirage? Should Alma/Logan trust them? It's time for Logan/Alma to find out what is happening in Sylon Region in his/her journey.

    New regions, new gyms(Of course)
    3 Regions(Sylon, Tyron, Johto)
    Battle Department - A place for trainers from all over the world to battle.
    Some 4th gen and 5th gen Pokemon, about 33 Pokemon of the 6th generation and 5 Pokemon of 7th gen.
    Some new tiles(Maybe a bit rough,it's not easy to draw them...)
    Mega Evolutions
    Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales


    Tools Used:
    ADVANCE MAP 1.92
    UNLZ-GBA Beta1
    DayAndNight - v1.0.2
    ...and some more tools(I cannot remember if there's any other tools used)

    Support Bar:

    Wesley FG- Some of the OWs in this hack are based on his OWs, and I used some of the Pokemon OWs.
    jiangzhengwenjzw- Who helped me to add more trainer sprites
    Punkysaur- Who offered me 10% of the corrected dialogues
    Ariannuhan- Who tried to help me to test the fixed version

    Download Link of the grammartical errors corrected Version 2.74(8/27/2017 update):

    Download Link of the grammartical errors corrected Version 2.7(5/2/2017 update):

    For those players who don't know what to do when the screen turned black after you talked to a trainer: Just wait for about 2 to 5 minutes, and the battle will begin. I don't know why this happens, so I can't do anything to fix this, don't panic, this is not a gamebreaking glitch. This won't happen in the Version 2.7, I think.

    Walkthrough for the hack
    Author: Poketrainer Ifin
    Download it here(.doc file):

    How to go to Redwood City: Go to Amberyellow Library and look for a man first.
    How to find Magearna: Carmine Isle--Carmine Ruins--Find a Poke Ball--enter "SOUL.HEART".
    How to find Arceus: Defeat Red--Rainbow Path--Defeat the guardian--Wave Path--Defeat the guardian again--Umber Path or Navel Path--Mt. Infinitus.
    Johto League: meet Steven on Spiral Island first, then you'll be able to challenge the league.

    P.S: The version 2 is a completed game.
    Hacks I support:

    Hacks I'm working on:

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