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This hack is about a trainer(LOGAN/ALMA)who lives in Cedar City of SYLON,one day,professor AVERY order you to go to his lab,and when you're getting there,you found that Team Mirage,the organization which broken down 1 year ago in TYRON is trying to make a comeback,and they declare that they'll start a "reform",what's the meaning of the "reform",and why they decided to do so,the trainer will travel all over the SYLON,and finally get the answer...
New region,new gyms(Of course)
3 Regions(Sylon, Tyron, Johto)
Battle Department - A place for trainers from all over the world to battle.
Some 4th gen and 5th gen Pokemon, about 33 Pokemon of the 6th generation and 5 Pokemon of 7th gen.
Some new tiles(Maybe a bit rough,it's not easy to draw them...)
Mega Evolutions
Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales


Tools Used:
DayAndNight - v1.0.2
...and some more tools(I cannot remember if there's any other tools used)

Support Bar:

Wesley FG- Some of the OWs in this hack are based on his OWs, and I used some of the Pokemon OWs.
jiangzhengwenjzw- Who helped me to add more trainer sprites
Punkysaur- Who offered me 10% of the corrected dialogues
Ariannuhan- Who tried to help me to test the fixed version

Download Link of the grammartical errors corrected Version 2.6(4/5/2017 update):

Download Link of the grammartical errors corrected Version 2.5:

For those players who don't know what to do when the screen turned black after you talked to a trainer: Just wait for about 2 to 5 minutes, and the battle will begin. I don't know why this happens, so I can't do anything to fix this, don't panic, this is not a gamebreaking glitch.

Walkthrough for the hack
Author: Poketrainer Ifin
Download it here(.doc file):

How to go to Redwood City: Go to Amberyellow Library and look for a man first.
How to find Magearna: Carmine Isle--Carmine Ruins--Find a Poke Ball--enter "SOUL.HEART".
How to find Arceus: Defeat Red--Rainbow Path--Defeat the guardian--Wave Path--Defeat the guardian again--Umber Path or Navel Path--Mt. Infinitus.
Johto League: meet Steven on Spiral Island first, then you'll be able to challenge the league.

P.S:This hack is almost 100% completed now, the major part of the hack was completed.
Hacks I support:

Hacks I'm working on:

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