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    Originally Posted by Victini View Post
    Speaking of spilling feels, I think I want to spill something real quick... ;w;

    Originally when I posted in this thread I had the mind set that I was a Gray-A. Turns out I had that all wrong. I was mistaking the signs of a Gray-A for what's actually proven itself to be demisexuality to me. I discovered it fully because of an ex-partner of mine recently.

    I realized that my lack of desire in general and such applies to every being I know... untiiiil I actually come to love and or care about them on a deeper level. I didn't pick up those signs until my ex-partner ended up showing it to me inadvertently. .//////.

    Go figure. It's similar to being a Gray-A, but your loving feelings end up applying just to that person who gives you feels. >//^//>
    Well, I hope, I won't sound rude or anything after writing this>>

    You see, I think, it's nice that you kind of "figured it out" and got to know that you were actually wrong the first time around. But... does labeling really matter that much? Of course, it's good to know who you are etc. but when it comes to sexual orientations, I sometimes get the feeling that people limit themselves too much. Does it matter if somebody is hetero-, bi-, homo- or asexual?

    I think it's best to tell yourself: "Well, right now, I seem more like this, but if I come to like something else, it will be fine, too."

    I don't know why I'm even typing this. Maybe because so many people are going on and on about what orientation suits them best. When I read your post, the same thought ocurred to me... Sure, you can call yourself whatever you want to, but isn't it easier to just "let it be how it is" and not keep thinking too much about orientations?

    I hope, this didn't sound too harsh...

    By the way, demisexuality doesn't sound so uncommon to me. I guess, I'd have to call myself this way as well as I don't seem to be attracted to people unless I develop feelings for them. However, I know a lot of people who are like this and I don't see a reason why it should be so unusual.

    I guess, I could call myself demihetero and homosexual? You see, I only find guys hot when I have feelings for them but when it comes to girls, I find them attractive regardless of feelings.
    (Haha, sorry, I'm just joking around with the terms a bit. Nothing meant too seriously.)