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    Name: Genaro Yasurek

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Region: Sinnoh


    Genaro is 5 Feet 9 inches tall. He has light blonde hair which is messy, but controlled. He has an average build but may be considered on the skinnier side. He has a very fair skin complexion and has green eyes which draw attention and seem to omit calmness.

    Personality: Genaro is a boy who finds great difficulty in saying no to others. He is always looking out for his friends. Even with his compulsion to say no, he would never do anything to betray his friends (unless he doesn't know about it). He always ensures that other people are managing and with his family background in psychology he can almost always tell when someone is feeling upset, or just different to usual. He is also a very good listener and will always listen to his friends and their problems and then of course he would try to help them out with the problem. This, of course, can get annoying at times. Genaro dislikes to be in the limelight and is initially shy, but after his shyness barrier he will open up and become much more sociable and a very interesting person too.

    History: Genaro was born and raised in Snowpoint City in the Sinnoh region. Being up on the mountain allowed him to visit Lake Aucity many times. Genaro's parents were keen psychologists and they weren't often home, this allowed Genaro to spend as much time as he could doing whatever he wanted. This led to many adventures in and around Snowpoint City. One day Genaro found a Sneasel that was badly hurt. Genaro, being the person that he is, rushed straight to the Pokémon Center. After doing this he had earned the respect of Sneasel and formed a great bond with Sneasel. In being outside a lot and having many adventures, Genaro has learnt some basic survival and medical stuff. In some of his adventures to Lake Aucity, Genaro has met Candice, the gym leader of Snowpoint, and has formed a small friendship with her; Genaro often goes to her house when it is far too cold to be outside and the two get on quite well. When Team Rocket took over, there was little that Genaro could do and since that day he has never seen his best friend, Sneasel, again. As Team Rocket have converted anything close to a building of science into their own labs, Genaro's parents have been used for Team Rocket's work against their will. However when they return home they teach him all about basic psychology. From this Genaro can lie efficiently, tell people's feelings and basic human manipulation. Genaro's friends all moved away when there was news of Team Rocket coming to Sinnoh, and although the security is fairly lax with Jesse and James running the place, it is still not as it was before. One of the only people left in Snowpoint City is Candice, so Genaro often converses with her. Thanks to Genaro's parents' teaching him, Genaro often sees that Candice is upset, it is fairly obvious that Candice dislikes the new regime and Genaro is constantly on the lookout for ways to help get rid of Team Rocket.

    Legendary Pokemon: Shaymin

    Password: T, NPC, one

    Other: This isn't about Genaro. I am from the UK and this may cause a little bit of an issue when posting as my timezone is most likely different to your guys'.
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