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Originally Posted by Patchisou Yutohru View Post
Forget the fact that it's a 3DS game, the main reason Pokémon information like that was leaking was because it was released in Japan, what? Six or seven months before the rest of the world? This time it'll be an international release, so we won't really have to worry about unreleased Pokémon being flooded onto the internet.
I believe the reference is to event Pokemon, because we usually know about event Pokemon the second the game is released due to looking at the code, but it might be more difficult for a 3DS game and then when they finally announce it, it'll be an actual surprise as opposed to "Omg they finally revealed Genesect".

I hope they are a surprise though! That's how they're meant to be; to keep the excitement of the game going long after the game has been released. Instead they're just boring events because we knew about the events for months and months and were just waiting for them to be released.

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