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I think Lincoln is going to do well this year. Probably will get best picture. Lots of the time it seems like a movie can sweep all the awards except the director, but I think Spielberg can pick it up alongside best picture. John Williams did a good job on the movie, too. Normally I'd say he's derivative of himself, but you couldn't tell he'd done the music for it so that's a really good sign, I think.

I don't know what this Silver Linings Playbook movie is (bad title, btw) or who Bradley Cooper is so I'm just going to have to write him off. I've only seen Lincoln and a few others from these lists, and Daniel Day-Lewis was really good, but I know Hugh Jackman is a good actor and since it's Hollywood choosing I think they'd like a chance to give as many awards to musical performances as they can. I'm guessing Hugh Jackman gets best actor.

If Hollywood wants to be seen as hip and cool with the kids they'll pick Jennifer Lawrence. If they want to appear open and daring (which I don't think they will) they'll pick Quvenzhané Wallis. I think they'll pick Jessica Chastain because Zero Dark Thirty has gotten a bunch of press for how ~controversial~ parts of it are and because she seems like a solid pick that'll please lots of people and let Hollywood take a stance for the integrity of making movies, or something. Since I think they're going to pick Hugh Jackman I don't think they'll pick another person from Les Mis, as much as everyone is gushing over Anne Hathaway. I'm thinking Sally Field has a good shot because I actually saw her performance.

I gotta think that Wreck-It Ralph is a shoe-in for animated picture. Same with Adele for Skyfall. The original Les Mis song seems so transparent an attempt at an Oscar win. I also like that Mirror Mirror got a nomination for its costumes, which I thought were great.
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