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    Episode 3: "Panic on Brightstar Path! The lost Eevee"

    The group departed Shinjuna Town the next morning. Brock was the most excited as he strolled down the path leading out of town. I made 1500 credits playing last night, and I made my famous Pokechow--what better way to start a walking tour of a new region?

    The wooden planks of the boardwalk gave way to pavement as the group left town. Then the sand dunes of the beach gave way to grassy plains dotted in flowers. The pavement also changed to a winding dirt path as Brock and his team approached the edge of a forest. "Let's see..." he mused as he studied a map of Minami. "If we keep following this path through the forest up ahead, we'll come to Brightstar Town, where the resident professor lives."

    [I wonder if he--or she--is as nice as Prof. Oak?] Emi wondered.

    [I'm sure we'll have a chance to meet him--or her--today.] Hinata assured Emi as she hopped over a tree root that protruded through the dirt path, signaling that they had entered the forest.

    [Yeah--we should make it to town today if we don't run into trouble in the forest.] Terra agreed.

    Brock looked up from his map and smiled as he looked around the forest. Doesn't look too much different from Viridian Forest back home... he smiled as he watched the Taillows and Pidgeys flit about in the treetops. Some Chespins skittered throughout the grass, challenging some Pikachus to race them to a Berry tree by the path.

    Once the two competitors were at the starting spot, the other Chespins and Pikachus watched as a Fennekin announced [On your marks...get set...go!], and a Chespin and a Pikachu tore through the grass towards the tree.

    [That looks fun!] Terra noted as the Chespin and the Pikachu disappeared into the brush.

    "Wild Pokemon love playing games like that." Brock reminded her as he waved at a Bulbasaur sunning itself in a patch of flowers.

    One Pokemon stood out among the other wild Pokemon going about their daily routines--a Pidgeotto was perched on a tree, quietly looking out over the forest. After a few moments, it asked a passing Chespin [Excuse me, have you seen any Eevees around here?]

    [Nope--haven't seen any Eevees.] the Chespin replied before romping up a tree.

    The Pidgeotto next asked a Froagie in a pond [Have you seen any Eevees around here?]

    [No, I haven't seen any Eevees...] the Froagie sighed before hopping away.

    Hinata noticed the Pidgeotto as the group reached a bend in the path. [That Pidgeotto looks like she needs help...]

    "Well, why don't you ask her what she needs?" Brock suggested, pointing out the Pidgeotto in the distance.

    [How did you know that Pidgeotto was a girl?] Emi asked as Hinata bounded off into the grass.

    "Female bird Pokemon tend to be smaller than males, and contrary to most birds, female Pidgeottos tend to sing more and have the brighter plumes." Brock explained, pointing out a male Pidgeotto flying towards a pond, which was less brightly colored than the one Hinata was talking with.

    Meanwhile, Hinata found the female Pidgeotto in a tree by some mushrooms. [What seems to be the matter, Miss Pidgeotto?]

    The Pidgeotto sighed. [Early this morning, my mistress forgot to lock the gate to the Eevee pen, and one of the young Eevees escaped into the woods. I've been asking the forest Pokemon if they've seen him, but so far, I've had little luck.]

    "Your mistress breeds Pokemon too?" Brock asked as he arrived with Terra and Emi.

    [Yes, she and her family run Brightstar Dreams, one of Minami's top breeding facilities.] the Pidgeotto replied before studying Brock for a moment. [And where might you hail from, traveler?]

    "Pewter City, up north." Brock replied. "I came here for a month long walking tour of this region...and I too care for and breed Pokemon."

    [Say, maybe you can help me and my mistress find the missing Eevee.] the Pidgeotto smiled, now in a better mood. [Follow me--I'll take you to see my mistress.]

    After following the Pidgeotto around the winding forest trail, the group came to a patch of tall grass, where a girl with dull red hair was examining a trail of dusty pawprints on the path. "Did you find him, Tenku?" she asked as the Pidgeotto fluttered into a nearby tree.

    [No, but I did find someone who could help us--a breeder from Kanto.] Tenku replied.

    Brock felt a hot feeling in his chest as he admired the red haired girl and the royal blue hat that matched her shirt. Remember what Dad said about not going nuts for girls... he reminded himself before swallowing the lump in his throat. "Could you maybe describe this missing Eevee for me?" he asked the girl.

    "He's about a month old, and has a gold ribbon." the girl explained. "Very curious about things as well, which is why I have to keep the pen locked when the Eevees are outside. But today, I was called to help Mom make some Pokechow, and forgot to lock the pen in my rush to get inside. When I realized my mistake an hour later, he was gone. Luckily, I've found some of his tracks, so he can't be too far off."

    "Does he have a name?" Brock asked.

    "Raku." the girl replied. "He wants to evolve to a Jolteon when he's older."

    [Here, Raku!] Hinata called into the brush.

    [Raku!] Terra called.

    My Pokechow! Brock thought. "I made some Pokechow last night, and have enough left to make a little trail back here." he explained to the girl as he unzipped his bag and grabbed the jar containing the Pokechow he had made the previous night.

    "There's an idea--eventually he'll get hungry and follow the food trail here." the girl smiled as she watched Brock set Pokechow nuggets in the brush in a zig zag pattern leading to the path.

    Silence filled the air as Brock and the girl watched for any sign of the Eevee. [Does Raku have a favorite thing he likes?] Terra asked after a few minutes had passed. [Like a favorite toy?]

    "He likes listening to the Taillows sing in the morning--but I can't do bird whistles to save my life." the girl confessed. "I mean, I can whistle for Tenku or to get attention, but mimicking birds is out of my league."

    "Observe." With that, Brock proceeded to mimic the familiar trilled whistle Taillows performed at sunrise.

    A rustle got the girl's attention. [There's a Taillow? Where is it?]

    [That's Raku!] Tenku gasped.

    "That was pretty good!" the girl giggled. "Do some more whistles!"

    Brock nodded, and mimiced the melodic whistle typically associated with a Taillow song. Then he tried a few variations of the same whistle, all of which he had heard Taillows sing before. He spotted a flash of brown as he finished one mimic. There he is. he smiled when he spotted a yellow ribbon around the Eevee's neck. The Eevee, meanwhile, was curiously nibbling on one of the Pokechow nuggets Brock had left in the brush.

    [Keep mimicking Taillows--I think I see him!] Tenku smiled as she too spotted the yellow ribbon.

    Now for the grand finale--the little melody Taillows sing around noon. Brock smiled, before mimicking the call in question--a series of trilled whistles.

    Just then, the Eevee ran into the girl's arms. "There you are!" the girl laughed as she cradled the Eevee in her arms. "You had me worried all morning!"

    [I just heard a Taillow singing and followed it...] the Eevee explained.

    "Actually, it was just a breeder from Kanto that helped me find you." the girl explained. "who also happens to know how to be very good at mimicking Taillows." She turned to address Brock. "I can't thank you enough for helping me out--so if you need a place to stay tonight, you can stay with us at Brightstar Dreams."

    "I would be honored, miss." Brock replied before motioning for Hinata and Terra to follow him down the path towards a town...
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