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Pokemon Yellow Update #1
-named myself ash and named my rival gary.
-grab the potion from pc and left my house.
-head to route 1,got stop by prof.oak and drag to his lab.
-got pikachu for my starter.named it sparky
-battle my rival and won.
-head to route 1,grab a potion from market employee.level up sparky to level 12.
-got the oak's parcel from viridian city market and head back to oak.
-handed oak the parcel and got the pokedex from him.grab the map from oak sister
-head to viridian forest and currently leveling up sparky to 16.
-head back to route 22 and battle my rival and won.
-head back to viridian forest,battle all the trainers.
-left viridian forest and head to the gym.battle brock and won.

videos for rival battle #1-2 and brock battle

rival battle #1

rival battle #2