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I hate Smeargle.
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Electric Monotype
-Defeated Brock
-Defeated Team Rocket in Mt. Moon
-Obtained Bulbasaur
-Defeated rival
-Obtained Charmander
-Defeated Misty (Pikachu was at level 28 at this point)
-Got Cut
-Defeated Lt. Surge (Pikachu was waaaaaay overleveled at this point)
-Captured Magnemite (finally) and taught it Thunderbolt (I regret doing this)
-Took 4 tries to get through Rock Tunnel because of exploding Geodude
-Picked up Eevee and evolved it to Jolteon
-Beat up Team Rocket and Giovanni in game corner
-Defeated Erika
-Defeated rival in Pokemon Tower
-Did a bunch more stuff but forgot to save and set myself backwards by like 3 hours.

Jolteon Lv. 32
Quick Attack|Sand Attack|Growl|Double Kick

Magneton Lv. 32

Pikachu Lv. 39
Thunderbolt|Thundershock|Mega Punch|Thunder Wave
Terriermon and Lopmon

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