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ok moving to Johto


-gotfor HM purpose
-caughton Route 29
-grindingto 11 before Falkner
-caught afor HM purpose

: difficulty 1/5
*Defense Curl FTW

-got the Egg
-Sprout Tower
-Unionv Cave
-taughtMud Slap
-Slowpoke's Well

: difficulty 1.5/5
*was hard but i manage to beat him with just

-Defeat ???
-passed Ilex Forest
-evolvedon Route 34
-underground,Route 35,National Park
-gaveQuick Claw

: difficulty 1/5
*Rollout FTW

-Kimono Girls and Surf

: difficulty 2/5
*Rollout again did the work but i had to attack fisrt with Quick Claw LV29

-caughton Route 43
-Mahogany Rocket Hideoout
-evolved inside the Hideout at LV37
-backtracking while grindingand
-Burnt Tower beat Rival
-reaching the top of Lighthouse
-doing water Routes

: difficulty 0/5
is Psychic so...Confusion FTW


I'll stop right here for now next part will be from here to the Elite 4
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