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If I'm anyone but a consumer, this would make perfect sense to include on any potential PS4 games. Both Sony and any third-party developers won't be losing out on used games sales (similar to what they're doing for the online passes), but places like Gamestop will still make a profit, too.

What I'm a little concerned about is tying a new game to an account. Personally, I'm not the only one that uses my PS3, so if I were to tie a game to my account, would others using the same console have full access, too? Or will there be some sort of "system account," where anyone can play the game in full on one console, but I can't play it if I use my own PSN account on a friend's PS4?

It be nice if we did know a little bit more of their actual patent, but I guess time will tell if they even decide to implement this technology after all.

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