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Les Mis? Really? Best picture? Bah.

Nine films selected when there could be ten, and they made Les Mis one of them? It's in the 70s on RottenTomatoes. All the others they picked are in the 90s at least. And really, with 10 possible flicks. They should really have one that was a "popular" movie, yet well made. I think Skyfall should have been there. (The Dark Knight Rises maybe, if it was nearly-perfect in order to make up for TDK's snub. But it was too flawed)

Speaking of TDKR. No noms? At all? Nothing technical? Not even cinematography (which I'm happy to see Skyfall got a nod for).

Affleck should have been there yes. But, nine best pictures and only five best directors. So... someone going to be left out.
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