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Originally Posted by Nideous View Post
Ally won't let anyone close enough to find out, so no one knows if he is a boy or girl. Which dorm would he be in? Also, I am fine with roomates. x3
HOLY- You just reminded me of the character I made for the original Youkai Academy that I never got to use!

Name (first, middle, last): Rein Mishton

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Youkai: Yasha

Appearence: Rein's face is oval shaped he has very soft and smooth skin, giving him a very feminine look. His eyes are sharp and his lips are small. His eyebrows, which are Dark Brown, are thin. His hair is long in the back, going down to his buttocks, though in the front it goes down to his eyebrows, both of which are the same color. He's thin, and is also short for his age. He wears a Shrine Worker's Hakama which was provided by Youkai Academy. He inadvertently wears slightly feminine shoes, though they aren't too noticeably feminine. His arms are slender and his hands are soft, as are his legs and feet, respectively. His torso is small, and his hips are accented. All of this culminates into people usually mistaking him for a girl. Around his neck is a Talisman (A family airloom), and inside the lower part of his Hakama are sutras which he uses for summoning monsters.

Personality: A charismatic being, Rein loves to talk to others and make friends. However, his charasimatic nature is often thwarted by his sensitive personality. He is easily hurt by others through words alone, and they tear deeply into him. Still, he's not one to cry publicly, and will usually try to retreat to somewhere private to cry if he needs to. He tries to be aggressive on occasion, but rarely can he hold up that facade. Generally, he acts this way when being called a girl, so as to give off a sort of "alpha-male"-esque air. However, this is made easier due to his natural interest in martial arts. He is naturally seductive due to the light tone of his voice and his smooth features. Despite his appearance, he is interested in girls and not guys, though sometimes he doesn't make that clear enough.

History: Rein was born in the Human World to a Yasha (Father names Firo, Japanese) and a Human (Mother named Sarah, American), though he is completely a Yasha. He is born of the Otori clan, a clan that has existed since the times of ancient Japan. They served as monks and priests originally, and they expelled demonic youkai (ironically enough, since Yasha means Demon) so as to protect the Human World, as the Human World was their world. They lived along side Humans, mainly because humans didn't actually know they were youkai. It became a custom among Otori to wear white headbands that covered their third eye. Overtime, this caused the third eye to eventually disappear from the Otori clan. Years later, Rein was born. Rein was one of three children, his siblings, named Tali (Elder Sister) and Endou (Younger Brother) are both humans. He grew up as a normal child, though he got picked on for his looks as a child. His family is rather wealthy, and is slightly well known around Japan due to their significance. He was trained by his father, who taught him martial arts so as to combat people of potential danger. When he turned teenage, he was sent to Youkai academy to not only learn about other youkai, but to embrace his culture.

Dorm: C

I would have just used him if I'd remembered -.-
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