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    If anyone is interested in being roomates with Kakusu feel free to.

    Name: (First, middle, last.): Kakusu Mabayui Tengoku(I’ll leave the English translation to anyone who cares although I’m not sureit would translate properly)

    Nickname: None previously but feel free to nickname himas you please

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Species: Youko

    Appearance: (I may draw a picture later on!)

    Kakusu has a very slim build and stands 4’11” tall. Hisface looks very childlike and due to this and his height sometimes others willassume he is a child. His skin is naturally tanned and his hair is very long,ending just above his waistline. His hair texture is silky, and is naturallybrown, bang usually hanging over his face, sometimes covering his eyes. Hiseyebrows have a distinctly feminine appearance and his eyes are bright red. He wears glasses at times, although he has noneed for them. He is always found wearing his school uniform and school unlesstold otherwise and outside of school he prefers not to wear his uniform.

    Personality: Some may describe Kakusu as a pushover but he has a kind heart, heis trusting and is more peaceful than anything else and tends to avoid fightingunless necessary although he does casually train his own abilities as well hashis Youko powers. When others look down on him and treat him negatively, it oftenresults in him to be the subject of insults and bullying. He will be verypassive unless it affects him in a deep emotional way (similar to being apacifist although just in nature and not as strict). The pride and safety ofothers tend to be his fighting drive and he will only fight for the sake ofothers unless deeply angered. He is a shy person but his loyal nature allowsfor him to be reserved and quiet around people he doesn’t know well butslightly less reserved around people he does know at all. He is more expressivearound those he does know and also is more “book-smart” more than socially. Hislack of mischief and craftiness is an abnormality although he isn’t very awareof that. He isn’t religious but rather spiritual and serene. When angered or upset,he often leaves whatever is the cause if he can so he can seclude himself andponder the situation.

    Likes: Nature, Walking Alone, Meditating

    Dislikes: Fire, rowdy/loud people, unnecessary violence,prolonged time indoors

    History: Kakusu never knew his father (who died before hewas born) although he knew his mother, both unaware of the existence of Youkai.When Kakusu was born, he showed no sign of being a Youkai until one day; he sethis home on fire, which resulted in the death of his mother. Kakusu was latersent to live with his grandfather’s Buddhist monastery. His grandfather, who isa Youkai, found out that Kakusu had, strangely enough, inherited the full blowYouko abilities that had skipped his son and were gained by his grandson. WhenKakusu started more showing more extreme and dangerous traits of being a Youkai(including moving with unordinary speed, starting fires more frequently, andhis eyes became an unnatural color) his grandfather trained him to preventhimself from starting fires. Through his training Kakusu learned about Youkaiand how to control his powers to an extent although his Grandfather felt itwasn’t good enough so he sent his grandson off to the Youkai Academy againstKakusu’s will.

    Weakness: Kakusu is physically weak and can be easily overpowered in terms ofbrute force aside from his Youko abilities, he is also very trusting of others.
    Other: He is slightly more adept than other Youko at manipulating fire even inhis human form although he is more prone to physical injuries, his bone’s beingless durable than others and his physical strength is very low. He can channelflames throughout hands and control external flames although he is unable to doso simultaneously with both hands or through other areas of his body in humanform.
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