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    Originally Posted by IcicleBunny View Post
    Name : IcicleBunny
    2 Partner Pokemon : Glaceon and Sneasel
    Why: Ice type is my ABSOLUTE favourite type of Pokemon~ They are so COOL! (sorry for the bad pun)
    how do you guys prefer to use Ice types in teams - as stallers or sweepers? It depends on the Pokemon's Defense and Attacks, because I would use Pokemon with stronger attacks for sweeper and string defense for stallers
    Do you enjoy using Hail to your advantage? I don't really use those "environment" moves (e.g. hail, Sandstorm) because I never really have a whole team of only one type, so therefore someone in my team might be hurt. However, if I have a FULL team of Ice Types then I would
    And do you guys have any favourite Ice type battlers? I've only really used Sneasel, Abomasnow and Glaceon in battle and out of the three of them I have to say Sneasel, because Abomasnow has too much weaknesses being Ice-Grass type and Sneasel has less weaknesses compared to Glaceon, being dual-type
    Welcome to the club! :D

    What do you beleive ice types offer most to a team in battle?