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    I have decided to mash a lot of ideas here into one big idea that would never happen.

    Alright, so in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, the Pokemon League and Victory Road are in an island separated from the mainland. It starts off as a medium-small sea, fighting trainers as you try to advance to the next part. Eventually the sea turns into a river and the river runs through and ends in a jungle. You navigate through the maze of trees, swinging from vine to vine to get through the gaps. The lush green starts to go away as you slowly make your way to the next part. Eventually there's no jungle and you're just surrounded by crag. You just walk through it and finally end up at an active volcano, which is a maze of tunnels with rivers of lava. You finally make it through the Victory Road and proceed through the badge check gates. In charge of each gate is the respective gym leader, who battles you with their strongest Pokemon. After finally getting though the badge check gates, you can finally take on the Elite Four.
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