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Originally Posted by MichaelSK16 View Post

Username: MichaelSK16
Partner Pokemon: female Milotic named Serena (not sure if that's at all necessary, but it said nicknames in the rules, so...yeah...)
Reason for joining: Serpentine Pokemon are just really interesting to me. They almost always look really cool and some have interesting background.
Answer the current topic: I think I'd be kind of intimidated, kind of freaked out (come on, there's a Pokemon in front of me.) and I think Milotic would kind of take my breath away. It has always been a really awesome Pokemon to me since I first saw it. I also loved the ugly duckling backstory and how the ugly feebas turns into the beautiful Milotic.

Thanks for your time~
Yea, I agree Milotic is very magestic and beautiful not only in looks but its origin. If I were in front of a giant and graceful sea snake, I'd be num with shock and awe.

As for Arbok, being aproached by a giant Cobra i'd be intimidated weather it was a peaceful stride or not. Its not like you can help it, its just that natural charm/quality that serpents give off. And that's another reason to love 'em.