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    I HIGHLY doubt that this will ever happen, but its been a thought of mine for awhile.

    I think it would be cool for Nintendo to make one game (say for an anniversary special) or something of the sort, where every region is combined.
    You start off in Kanto, move to Johto, then to hoenn, and so on and so forth.
    Once you make your move to Johto, you must place all of your gen 1 pokemon into the pc and start fresh with a new starter and everything, and then later down the line are able to pull the gen 1 pokemon out of the pc during your johto journey. The same goes when moving to Hoenn or any other region.

    Also, it might be something to think about... the elite 4... we face the elite four everytime, but in the anime they actually have a tournament, would be nice to have a tournament setting for once instead of going right for the elite four and then depending on how well you do in the tournament, you advance to battle the elite four.

    Thoughts on any of this?
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