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The Hobo Stand
Because I couldn't think of a better name than this

  • I'm fine with clones. I will also clone all of my shiny Pokemon pre-5th gen (which is...currently all of my shiny Pokemon bar two, haha).
  • I do not RNG. I will accept RNG'd Pokemon though.
  • I do not care if you trade away any of my Pokemon (ie you can redistribute as you wish). I will likely not do that with trades I receive and don't really mind what one wants, but I don't prefer the 'no redis' deals.
  • Pokemon are listed as per the ratings from the IV rater in the BW/B2W2 games. That is, there's four ranks with Outstanding being the best down to Decent (ie not very decent at all). More info here. If you would like more information on a specific Pokemon (such as the IVs which I can get a good result for via the PWT boosting them to level 50) I can do that on request.
  • I'll be generally going for rough 'like-for-like' trades. I also tend to value rarer stuff over not so rare (so shiny starters will for instance be considered a bit more valuable than a shiny Bidoof) and in the case of stats the better stats the Pokemon has the better I'd expect for it... so no Outstanding Pokemon for just a decent Poke. =p
  • My wifi is not exactly the best so bear with me if it screws up, please.
  • If anything turns out to be hacked I'll do a tradeback.
  • As obvious, no hacks/etc please.
What I am looking for

In general:
  • Shiny Pokemon I don't have! In particular ones that look good and/or have decent stats.
  • Dream World Pokemon I may not have.
  • Pokemon with decent stats and/or eggmoves (or rather rare moves, such as for instance Tri Attacking Togepi is what I would call rare).
In particular:
  • Brave nature Ditto, preferably with 0 Speed IV.
  • DW Starters
  • More High-IV Ditto with varying natures.
  • Helping Hand Dusclops (XD move) with decent stats (at least in defences).
Shiny Pokemon

The following are the shiny Pokemon I offer to trade! Again, I remind you that I clone these. Additional info is provided in the hover-over text (usually Natures, any perfect IVs, etc).

Ones that I have obtained from a trade have a * by their name in the hover-over text. Otherwise they've been caught by myself (via dumb luck of which I have had plenty of, or Pokeradar Chaining). Unless stated otherwise they are to my knowledge UT.

Outstanding Shinies

Relatively Superior Shinies

Above Average


Chained Shiny Pokemon on Request!

I will on request chain shiny Pokemon if someone wants a particular shiny Pokemon via the Pokerader method in DPPt (in return for something, of course =p) A few things to note:
  • This takes time! I am fairly decent at it though (most of the above not listd as obtained by trade were found via chaining).
  • I can't just chain anything. Pokemon available to me are in Diamond and Platinum for reference.
  • I can aim for a certain natured Pokemon (via Synchronise), but I do not have all natures available to me and will not make any promises on getting one of a requested nature for sure.
  • Their stats would be random.
Dream Radar Pokemon!

I have:

Staryu, Sigilyph, Spiritomb, Beldum, Smoochum, Swablu, Slowpoke, Munna, Hoothoot, Togepi, Porygon, Ralts, Riolu and Driftloon.

I have females for those which can have such a gender, and can get more on request as well.

Bred Pokemon

Pokemon bred by myself! GET THESE BABIES
  • I can breed more of what is listed on request. I will be able to also have various natures requestable along with a perfect IV possible in most cases for a desired stat, although generally I'd like something nice in exchange for the extra work. Breeding for Outstanding rank Pokemon on request is also possible.
  • This list will be growing for a while. I have a number of other DW Pokemon to breed as well.
DW Vulpix

Note: All have perfect Special Attack!

Lax (31 IV HP, Attack, Female)
Bashful (31 IV Defence)
Lonely (31 IV HP, Attack, Female)

Relatively Superior:
Naughty, Female
Hasty, Female
Sassy, Female
Brave, Female
Bold, Female

Docile, Female x2
Mild, Female
Careful, Female with Substitute/Swagger
Naughty, Female with Substitute/Swagger

Recently more T

I also have the following outstanding Vulpix without dreamworld abilities:
Careful, Flash Fire x2
Timid, Flash Fire
Docile, Flash Fire
Quiet, Flash Fire

DW Eevee

I have multiple males of varying natures! If you want females that can be breed on request.
Females: Naive, Relaxed (Levelled in Daycare), Hardy (Levelled in Daycare)

Timid: 4x Relatively Superior (1 Female), 1 Above Average.

DW Timburr

Most have 31 IV in Attack, and with Mach Punch as an Egg move.

Relaxed (31 IV in Attack, Defense, Levelled for Daycare).

Relatively Superior
Sassy (Female)
Levelled for Day Care

Rash x3 (1 Female)
Modest (Female)
Calm (Female)
Gentle x2 (1 Female)
Naughty (Female)

DW Poliwag

All have 31 IV in Special Attack, and of Bold Nature.

5 are 'Relatively Superior' (1 Female)
15 are of a lower rating (6 Female).

DW Cacnea

3, Bold and Female.

DW Anorith

31 IV in Special Defence.

1 Bashful (Female, was in Daycare), 6 others of Jolly Nature.
1 Outstanding (31 IV Speed), 2 Relatively Superior


All have 31 IV in Special Attack

3x Relatively Superior, Modest, Swift Swim (1 was in Daycare)
2x Decent, Modest, Swift Swim


Relatively Superior and Jolly x4. 31 IV Speed


Most have 31 IV in HP or Defence, All Relaxed

3x Outstanding (31 IV Defence, Speed (Female); 31 IV Defence, Special Defence (Female); 31 IV Attack, Defence (Female); 31 Attack, Defence, Special Defence, Speed).
2x Relatively Superior (31 IV HP, Attack, Defence, Special Attack; and 3 IV HP, Defence, Special Defence.)

DW Lileep

All have 31 IV in Defence, Bold, with Recover Egg Move

1 Outstanding
4x Relatively Superior (1 Female)
3x Above Average (1 Female, was in daycare)
4x Decent (2 Female)

Also one Outstanding with Suction Caps (Male)

DW Dratini

Most have 31 IV in Attack, all Adamant

3x Outstanding (1 Female)
3x Relatively Superior (1 Female)
6 Above Average (5 Female)

Also 1 Decent, Impish and Female

To be bred soon
More DW Eevee, and normal-ability Eevee too.

Lastly, I can throw in Pokerus on request as well.

FC: 4041 3875 5409 on W2
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