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    Originally Posted by 24bones3 View Post
    With X&Y announced me and my friends are the Pokemon games. If we start on February first we have 40 days to beat each game. I haven't actually played black and white, 1 or 2. I'm the only one who used to be a die hard Pokemon fan and have a few questions. We want to have basically rules almost, like certain things you have beat in that game, here is what we have so far...

    • Defeat all 8 Gym Leaders
    • Defeat Elite Four
    • Defeat all 8 Gym Leaders
    • Defeat Elite Four
    • Defeat Trainer Red
    • Defeat all 8 Gym Leaders
    • Capture Rayquaza
    • Defeat Elite Four
    • Capture the Regis
    • Defeat Champion Steven
    • Defeat all 8 Gym Leader
    • Catch Giratina
    • Defeat Elite Four

    I look at these as incomplete lists and need help completing them. I also need help making lists for Pokemon Black/White 1 and 2. We are not doing the Frontiers because it will take to long for my friends.

    So if anyone could improve this list and make one for black/white it would be great!
    - Defeat all the Kanto Gyms
    - Catch a Shiny Pokemon??? [Optional]

    Red and Blue
    - Catch Zapdos Moltres and Articuno
    - Catch Mewtwo
    - Capture Mew??? [Via the glitch also Optional]

    - Capture Dialga and Palkia [You can do this Post-Game]
    - Get the Griseous orb [You can get the Griseous orb Post-Game in the Distortion World]
    - Get all Battle Frontier Symbols (Or Print or whatever they are called) in Silver
    - Get all Battle Frontier Symbols in Gold
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