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    Hey Everyone! Before I begin, please note that this is only an idea that I had, nothing legit, and it probably won't happen, but based on what we know so far about Gen 6... Anything is possible. Anyways, I was thinking about how grand and flashy X & Y look compared to the older games, and how much better the Pokemon look in 3D. The art style instantly reminded me of a higher resolution version of the old N64 games... Which later brought me to Pokemon Snap. (My mind was all over the place with excitement.) Since Nintendo/Gamefreak has gone for this new FOV I guess you would call it, where it less top down and more behind our character, and everything looks really great in 3D, I'm hoping that maybe, just maybe, we'll be able to get a Camera of some sort as a key item, or have it added to the PokeGear, CGear, etc. and be able to take picture of Pokemon when we encounter them in battle. I know it sounds out there. But the way the battle begins with a close up of your encounter, and the grass shifts to the side, (review the trailer.) or how all this dynamic camera and angle work is being used. Idk, this idea is stupid, but it sounded good before I started writing it... so, input please :D Do you think it's a possibility? Do you see how I'm making this connection? Do you know how awesome this would be? If they don't a Pokemon Snap 3D better be coming next year... or else.
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