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    Name: Daliden Skyshard

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Appearance: Daliden is about 6' 3" He has black hair with icy blue eyes. His skin is fairly tan for living in the harsh climate that is covered in snow. He is extremely strong for his age. He can cut and pick up massive logs and heavy animal that most of the adults in Skelsaugh have to have others to help. He mainly wears fur armour that he makes and sells from his hunts up in the mountains and near the lake.

    Personality: Daliden is very brave is rarely lets anything intimidate him. He has a strong will and when he says he will do something, he will. Although Daliden is strong willed and brave, he can be a really jolly man and can show great respect for his elders. He is also very caring and trustworthy. He has never broken a promise he has made.

    History: Daliden and his family have always lived in Skelsaugh. His family survived by hunting and fishing. When he was very young, his family was killed by a gang of thieves that broke into their house and stole everything they had. For reasons unknown, they could not kill Daliden in any way. Later on, he learned how to hunt and was taken in by one of his best friends parents.

    Daliden is very skillful when it comes to bows and swords. He never really was great in magic. One day when they were out cutting wood for a fire, a bad blizzard came from no where. An avalanch covered them up and only he survived. He loved his best friend, but never was able to tell her. He has grown away from other people because he thinks that everyone around him will die. However, he is one of the most known hunters in his village and shares his kills with everyone. His vow is to protect anyone and everyone who has become his friend. With that vow, he learned how to use some survival magic to help others.

    Occupation: Very good at Tracking, Hunting, and Fishing. Trade and sells furs, hides, and food.
    Spells known: Healing Hand Spell: Fairly weak, but comes in handy to heal minor to medium sized wounds with the hands. Aura Shield Spell: Surrounds a person in an aura that is targeted by the spell for five minutes. Can only be used once every hour. Torch Flame: Can quickly make small fires for warmth and also can be used for a very small attack that will only cause minor burns, but can not be used rapidly.

    Dragon Species: (Bond will form within the first few posts.)
    Name: Aleos
    Gender: Male
    Age: Adult
    Description: Aleos is a pure white Wind Drake. His eyes are as blue as ice on a winter day. He has massive legs and a massive tail that can knock down multiple trees in one swipe. He has two horns coming out of the top of his head. His scales reflect the sun when it it out and can be used to blind his enemies. He has multiple spines on his back, but not big enough to cause Dalex not to be able to use him as a mount. He is about 25 feet tall and about 60 feet long. His wings have a little light blue, but it is hard to see from a distance. The wind allows him to go slightly faster when it is blowing. His sattle is made of furs and skin that Dalex had been collecting while hunting.
    Personality: Aleos is a calm yet brave drake. He never panics when someone new approaches. He protects those he knows and cares for. He gets along with other dragons as long as they mean no harm. He keeps his guard up while others approach, but most of the time he stays calm. He does not like fighting unless there is no way to avoid it. When he is forced into fighting, he is able to wrap his tail around a tree and use it as a weapon along with his horns, wings and of course his breath attack. He is also very protective of smaller drakes and does not like seeing them get hurt.

    RP Sample:

    Dalex took a knee on the stage. There was someone yelling out on the floor in anger, but he ignored it. Yes they were just Pidgey, but there was too many to hold off at once. That is why he had used his combination attack with his pokemon. We better be glad they weren't Pidgeottos or Pidgeots. Dalex thought. He could feel the small Pidgey he had picked up shaking from the yelling. He put a finger on the Pidgey's head.

    "Don't worry, they aren't going to attack you." Dalex said to the Pidgey. He once again calmed down, but was still shaking. The girl from the back room he had helped had not come back out yet and he wondered if she was ok even though she seemed ok. He wished he could say the same about his arms though. They burned badly from all the cuts on his arms. Dalex let the Pidgey down and took his bag off his back and pulled out some oran berries and a potion and turned back to the Pidgey. "This will probably sting a little, but it will help." Dalex said to the Pidgey. The Pidgey winced in pain, but then relaxed. "Now eat these oran berries. They will help as well." Dalex said as he laid them next to the Pidgey.

    The Pidgey looked up at Dalex and blinked two times. Dalex gave him a slight smile and the Pidgey ate one of the Oran Berries then chirped happily at the taste and ate another. Dalex laughed. He also took one of the Oran Berries and ate it. The Pidgey hopped over to him and looked at Dalex's cut arms.

    "" The Pidgey chirped.

    "Ah, don't worry, it will be fine." Dalex said.

    The pidgey rubbed up against his arms. He winced thinking that it would burn, but the Pidgey was actually fairly soft.

    "Well your free to fly. You should be healed enough to fly back to your home." Dalex said.

    The Pidgey took off, but fell back down. Dalex caught it in his arms before it hit the ground.

    "Guess not, how about you stay with me for now. I'll take you to the woods later on." Dalex said.

    "Pid pid!!" The Pidgey cawed and took off again, but this time landed on Dalex's head.

    Dalex started laughing and then looked around. He hadn't noticed that there was so many trainers with their pokemon out still. He also noticed all the Pidgey's that were on the ground. He noticed that they were sleeping. He wondered if the girl he had saved earlier that morning was ok. He had encountered so many pokemon who were so angry today, but why? Then it hit him, Suicune had disappeared and most pokemon were becoming angry. Suicune makes all water it touches pure. Is it possible that someone has captured Suicune and put something in the water to make the pokemon act this way? Dalex thought, he also figured he should bring it up later. Because if it is the water, legendary pokemon have to have water too. If they drink some of the water..... the world would be in a great danger.

    With that idea, is stomach churned. He didn't want to see his friends or family get hurt. He had to help. He had never liked seeing people get hurt and that is why he defended the girl backstage until she got up and saved the other girl earlier that morning.

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