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    Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
    The bytes I'm talking about are the bytes in the effect data, which is not in the battle script proper. It is pointed to by the 02 command, always (as far as I've seen) as the first parameter. The values are usually in the x3EXXXX range- if you're looking around there you're probably in the right place.
    Well obviously I wasn't looking in the right place. I thought only 11 and 0E pointed to else where. Unfortunately I still haven't found bytes that edit palette what I did do though, (for shadow ball) I went to the offset x3E7608 which got me something, and I thought oh maybe this is what he was talking about. So after the first 2 bytes I tried changing it to something, but only got a pure black shadow ball. :/

    Since we're posting useful stuff...

    I found that there's a special code or something to use backgrounds that are different depending on if you use the move or if the opponent does because if you use a regular command for example if you try the high power background you'll understand. I came across two pointers, one to use for the scroll flying type background and one for the high power one.

    High Power - 0E 89 7D 1C 08
    Flying background - 0E CF 59 1D 08
    I support...
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