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    @Iceman- If you could flesh out Daliden's history and appearance some more, please. History needs to be at least two paragraphs, and I only see one there, and appearance if possible. Like, just how strong is he? Also "a super blizzard" popping up out of nowhere is the only lead I have as to where Daliden's from, if you could include that. Isn't much of a history if he doesn't have a place of origin, hmm? And please try to describe Aleos' appearance (just noticed I put description in place of this in the SU... Fixed this now, but I'm never submitting an RP after midnight again) and personality more. "He is very strong" isn't much for me to go on, as most dragons are very strong. It just seems like you were trying to do the bare minimum for those parts of the SU, and that makes it difficult for me to know what your dragon is like.

    Pretty much, just make what you have more detailed, and your history longer, so I have a better idea what Daliden and Aleos are like.
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