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Beck de Telarius: The Hermit

"Hey Beck," Beck turned his head at the mention of his name. "What took you so long? Marcus is looking for you, by the way. You may want to hide. I think he wants to scold you. You know, the usual." Beck made a face at the mention of his eldest brother. He hadn't spoken since he had run away from his fight. Surely he would be ripped a new one, but at least Flint cared about him.

"M-me? I was--" Beck began, before being interrupted by Xoxaa. Beck had never really spoken to Xoxaa but knew she was part of the Sword. If she had ever come to the infirmary to get wounds treated, it would not have been by Beck.

"Uhm... Do you know... if that boy there spies on nude girls by chance? I can only assume someone with the ability to hide themselves from sight is probably a huge pervert. I'm a little concerned for my privacy with him around..."

"Ex-excuse me?!" Beck's face went bright red. H-h-how could she say something like that? He was standing... right here! Right here! And she was talking right to his brother! And very loudly!! Did she have no respect? No shame?! "I n-never--"

"I assure you, miss Illiphia, that my brother does nothing of the sort," Marcus came in to save the day, his tone very brooding and serious." He is an upstanding and moral citizen who always behaves appropriately and dutifully. He is intelligent, ethical, and honorable. The only thing he is not..." Beck followed Marcus' eyes to the clock. " on time. Like usual."

Beck made another face, this one a little annoyed and not particularly pleasant. At least he wasn't blushing anymore. Yes, he had been late. But it had been for good reason.

"Which actually makes two of you," Beck bit his lip. At least he wasn't the only one in trouble. "You are aware that you were summoned for security purposes to arrive before the celebrations began? I assume you have a legitimate excuse, and if so I would love to hear it. In fact... I assume you both do. Do tell."

Xoxaa began to crumble under Marcus' words, stuttering and spluttering out her words. She even fell to her knees. If Beck didn't get scolded on a regular basis, he probably would have done that too. Maybe not as dramatically, because if he made a scene it would have meant more trouble later. But Beck stood firm and silently grinded his teeth.

"I was in the infirmary, brother," Beck said with a hint of hostility. Well, to Marcus, it would be more than a hint, "treating those who were affected by thieves today. Is that all right with you, brother?"
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