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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Must admit, I'm not expecting great things from the Disney Star Wars either. Not because of Disney's track record or anything (I don't know enough about them for that!), but mostly due to the Star Wars franchise not needing another addition. Plus I don't think it's the kind of saga that'll fair well from having such a big change in production halfway through and so long after the last movies. But I'll give them a chance since I absolutely love Star Wars and from what I've heard Disney are pretty great at keeping things nostalgic (although is that the feeling Star Wars should give? Hmm), so hopefully it'll be good.

Although @LilJz1234 Monsters University is something I'm definitely looking forward to <3
Lucas (until fairly recently, where he seems to have gotten bored with the series) always said that he envisioned 9-12 films and had a very rough high-level treatment/outline done before the first movie was ever complete. This new film is based on Lucas' original story. So, I think we're safe. And in some fresh blood and I'm hoping for the best. Lucas was his own worst enemy with the prequels.

And Disney really respects that franchise. You should check out their Star Wars ride at their parks if you've never seen it before.
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