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    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post

    @ MichaelSK16:
    Would this just seem an accident to them and actually be a reason behind said event, or really just be some incident? If so then be careful it doesn't come off too much as an event for the sake of getting them into the world.
    As I said, I really haven't put all that much thought into this one. I'm still working out the kinks and this is one of them. I've considered both possibilities and still need to think it through more thoroughly. I am glad that you noticed it, though. At least that means I'm not focusing on unnecessary things.

    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    The premise of them being in the Pokemon world but 'not as they know it' is one that holds potential but also one that has been done before.
    The 'not as they know it' concept is more or less saying not everything goes as conveniently as it does in the 'normal' Pokemon world. People don't exactly live in harmony with Pokemon. The element of people For example, if somebody falls from a high place, they most likely won't go unharmed. (this is just the first thing that came to mind) I planned on using this in multiple ways.

    My main plan for this would be that, especially in the beginning, the protagonists would need to realize the world is less-than-perfect. Seeing as though actual inhabitants of the world would be aware that doing stupidly heroic things won't necessarily turn out well, I could see one of the protagonists getting caught up in the moment and doing something of such a nature and somebody that is actually from the Pokemon world would make a snarky and condescending comment, scolding them for their stupidity.

    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    You'd also want to think through how come the league system is running as before when everything else is going so badly, and Pokmon frequently get badly injured/die, etc. I don't think it'd be at all easy to pull that off, so it may require some brainstorming. Just in case I'll say to try not to have it just dark for the sake of it (and same for you debating having that 'romantic twist' or not too).
    I never even considered this part before. Thanks for pointing that one out to me. I think that I could make it work if there were like a referee/match judge kind of official who ends the battle at a certain point in official battles like a league battle. I planned on the protagonists encountering some pretty deranged people who would probably disregard this type of safety precaution anyways. Not to mention wild encounters + unofficial battles wouldn't really have a referee-type figure.
    This is what the drafting stage is for, I guess. lol

    Originally Posted by bobandbill View Post
    Also: be sure that if you're having people from the real world teleported to this Pokemon world that this theme is consistent through the story. Otherwise you might as well just be using characters from the world, and it is as said something that has a fair bit of potential in it.
    I'm not really sure what you are implying here. By consistent, do you mean that EVERYONE in the world should be alien/from a different world, or that the protagonists just should be the only ones? I could definitely see making sure they aren't the only ones, but if EVERYONE was from a different world, I just don't see how that would work.

    Anyways, thanks a lot for the critique! It has definitely got me thinking~!
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