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    My first legitimate one was Houndoom in Silver. My first time exiting Saffron I came across it in the grass by accident, and to my 10 year old self (even now) it was the coolest thing ever! Trained it exclusively from that point on, and I can fondly remember vs Blue's Alakazam, I was totally immune ans PP Stalled it to death to get all the EXP haha!

    I also later on bred a Squirtle traded over from my Blue Version Blastoise, and raised him to 100 as well, just to prove I could do it. I remember waiting for Red's final pokemon (Charizard) to get that last little bit to level up.

    When I said legitimate, I meant due to the Rare Candy cheat in Gen I. After catching Mewtwo, on of my cousins mentioned this glitch, and since the game (apart from Pokedex) was complete, I decided to give it a go, not really knowing HOW to do it.

    I tell you it's one weird thing to suddenly have unlimited Tm 12: Water Gun!
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