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    Your tiles? Sorry but you're wrong. Most of the tiles in your tilesheet weren't made by you. It was made by the Red-Ex and they are private. The tree on the right isn't your tile. Even the houses. At least give credit to the Red-Ex and don't claim them as your own cause you obviously just recolored them. Even if you did resprite them, at least give the Red-Ex credit instead of claiming it as your own. Im sorry, but deny all you want, these tiles are obviously from the Dawn Tileset that you just recolored.
    DS tiles like the lab from B/W and the trees from HGSS for the game. Those are the only things so far that aren't from scratch :3
    Seriously? The houses and the grass were from the dawn tileset. I'm sorry, but it's ok if you make a tilesheet but if you take tiles (especially if they're private) at least give credit.

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