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    Originally Posted by Gold011 View Post
    i want to play this hack again from the begining, but i have a few questions, first, from what i rembember there is a riolu aviable as a trade, where the npc that haves riolu, requests a lickitung, so, where do i find a lickitung?, second, where do i find a ditto?, to breed that riolu (aka lucario) with nickname, i don't like nicknames that much, but i have to say that ryo fits more riolu than a lucario in my opinion, thrid, where i can find a oshawott, fourth, from the pokemon i want, is better main ver or c.dex version? (i want a 4th gen starter), btw, why was the shaymin we get at torn world is shiny?, anyways, those were all of my questions....
    First of all due to two versions you guy must clearify first which version are you playing?
    1) There is a house in Searound city and it is located at south west from it. The NPC who trades is in there. I don't really remember where is Lickitung by the way but have a hunch that when you reach Searound, your PokeDex will have recorded its location from where you can easily find it.
    2) Ditto is available in Safari Zone in Turzoro City.
    3) Oshawott is available by surfing on Outcast Island.
    4) If you want a 4th gen starter play the main version. By the way both versions are great !!!
    5) That Shaymin being Shiny is intentional as the hacks creator SKY likes it that way.
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