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Update #2

Acro died while grinding.
Caught Golden the Psyduck in Ravaged Path.
Attempted to grind him up some levels and succeeded.
Took on my rival and whooped him.
Caught Fragil the Abra on Route 203. Hopefully I can manage to get him to evolve before he can die.
Caught Juda the Geodude in Oreburgh Gate. Boxed her.
Chimpy evolved into Monferno! YES!!
Caught Champ the Machop on Route 207. Boxed him.
Took down Roark. Golden's Water Gun took out his Geodude and Onix while Chimpy's Mach Punch took out his Cranidos.
Went back to Jublife and beat the grunts for Prof. Rowan.
Went through Ravaged Path and beat the grunt outside the Valley Windworks.
Caught Cheeks the Pachirisu in the Valley Windworks.
Beat the grunts trying to steal honey.
Fragil evolved into Kadabra! YAY!!!
Star evolved into Staravia! WHOOO!!!!
And thats it for today.

Beat Jupiter in the Windworks.
Caught Don the Shellos on Route 205.
Travelled through Eterna Forest using repels so I can come back after to catch a pokemon. Don't want to worry about the Chansey killing the Pokemon I'm trying to catch.
Beat Gardenia, LOST MY KADABRA!! He got 1HKO'd by Grass Knot from her Roserade.

Catch List:
Route 201: Chimchar Lv. 5
Route 202: Starly Lv. 2
Route 203: Abra Lv. 4 (Dead)
Route 204: Zubat Lv. 4 (Dead)
Route 205: Shellos (Boxed)
Route 207: Machop Lv. 7 (Boxed)
Ravaged Path: Psyduck Lv. 5
Oreburgh Gate: Geodude Lv. 5 (Boxed)
Valley Windworks: Pachirisu Lv. 9 (Boxed)


Level 21
Impish - Blaze
Scratch, Mach Punch, Flame Wheel, Taunt

Level 20
Relaxed - Intimidate
Double Team, Endeavor, Quick Attack, Wing Attack

Level 17
Timid - Damp
Water Sport, Scratch, Tail Whip, Water Gun

Juda the Geodude Lv. 5
Champ the Machop Lv. 7
Cheeks the Pachirisu Lv. 9
Don the Shellos Lv. 11

Acro the Zubat, Level 6
Fragil the Kadabra, Level 18
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