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    Oh my lord I could go on forever, but I'll try to limit it to...5 a piece?

    Gen I Favorites
    5. Tauros
    I always loved Tauros because it just really looked awesome and tough. This was my first impression of it as a small child.
    4. Golduck
    Golduck was always cool to me because, like Tauros, it came off as an awesome Pokemon that would be super strong.Maybe as a child I associated a dot on a Pokemon's forehead with strength?
    3. Seadra
    Seadra is, to this day, one of my favorite overall Pokemon. I don't really have a reason for it other than I just think the seahorse idea was awesome, but I don't really need one I guess.
    2. Scyther
    I actually have a legitimate reason as to why I love Scyther. Scyther was my first prized Pokemon I ever caught. I nabbed one in the Safari Zone in Red version and I felt like an awesome child that entire day.
    1. Arcanine
    Arcanine is easily one of my top 5-10 favorite Pokemon of all time. Arcanine has been burned into my memory ever since the 2nd ever episode of the anime where Arcanine was featured as one of the four "legendary" Pokemon on a stone tablet in Viridian city. Now obviously I know that it isn't actually a legendary Pokemon, but for whatever reason, I've loved it ever since.
    Gen I Least Favorites
    5. Abra
    One word....Teleport
    4. Starmie
    I've had so many baaaad memories with Misty's Starmie.
    3. Farfetch'd
    ...I just hate it.
    2. Ratatta
    It's So pointless. This little guy is even less tolerable with "Ratatta Joey" in GSC.
    1. Chansey
    This was always my most targeted Pokemon in the safari zone. It was also the most annoying because I could NEVER catch one when I was little. It gains my least-favorite vote because of my hard-fought battles with it as a small child that always resulted in failure.
    Generation II Favorites
    5. Teddiursa/Politoed
    Yes. I cheated in my list of favorites in Gen II. Sue me. Teddiursa is one of my favorites because it's just so darn adorable that it is a lucrative reward to a small child like I was in my first run-through of Silver. Politoed was awesome to me as a child because I loved frogs and Politoed was the only legit frog at the time.
    4. Houndoom
    Houndoom was just a boss through-and-through. I loved this dastardly demon dog when I was little because the dark typing was my favorite, as it was shiny and new at the time. Plus I'm pretty sure I had a crush on Karen of the elite four when I was playing through Silver when I was little and she happened to have one.
    3. Kingdra
    My fondness of Kingdra comes from my love of Seadra in the generation before and the fact that taking Seadra and making it part dragon just made it the perfect water type for me.
    2. Scizor
    This was basically taking an already freaking awesome Pokemon in Scyther and turning it into a robot when I was a child. Sure I missed Scyther's scythes, but Scizor's claws are just as cool.
    1. Sneasel/Typhlosion line
    I know. I cheated twice on one list. Sue me again. Sneasel is arguably my favorite Pokemon of all time. The dark/ice typing it has made it so unique that I just loved it, plus the fact that it's a blue weasel with razor-sharp claws and a feather on its head was the funniest thing ever when I was little. As for Cyndaquil-Quilava-Typhlosion, it's my second-favorite starter line out of all of them. (right behind Torchic-Combusken-Blaziken) Cyndaquil was always interesting to me because it looked weird...but adorable with its squinty eyes and its strangely shaped head. Then it evolved (at lvl14, nonetheless) and was the mother of all things awesome, Quilava. Now imagine my surprise when it evolved into the mighty Typhlosion. It went from "This is the coolest ferret on fire I've ever seen" to ".....*jawdrop*"
    Generation II Least Favorites
    5. Shuckle
    This was always one of the most useless Pokemon ever to me when I was going through GenII as a child. It just didn't make any sense. Why would I want a Pokemon like Shuckle when I could have an awesome Pokemon like Scizor or Kingdra or Sneasel? Shuckle was just dumb to me.
    4. Dunsparce
    You'll notice I said 'one of the most useless' Pokemon ever for Shuckle. Well, Dunsparce is the other. What IS Dunsparce, anyways? Is it a scorpion that lost its legs? Is it a snake with deformities? Is it a fish? The world will never know.
    3. Qwilfish
    It looked like a rattle with spikes to me. It was about as intimidating to me as a puppy wearing a beret.
    2. Sunkern
    Sunkern is a sunflower seed. How on earth am I supposed to battle with something you roast, salt, eat between innings in a baseball game, and spit out when you're on the field? This may just be a baseball player thing, but I just hate the thing. It was not a good idea in my opinion.
    1. Miltank
    Gahh. Miltank is my least favorite in Gen II because of the dreaded stonewalling ability it had in my progress through Johto as the infamous anchor for Whitney's team in the third gym. Not even my mighty Quilava, or Scyther, or even Teddiursa could slay this ultra behemoth without some extra leveling and a lot of screaming (and probably crying)
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