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    Originally Posted by HyperKiller View Post
    Damn, i got so many questions, but i think i'll tell two.

    Where is Felinar?

    If somebody is generous enough i still demand a picture of where to find the green diamond, 'cause i screw up at finding stuff badly. =3
    Felinar is in the Swamp inside Vextra Forest. Go in from the south western entrance at Silvertown, then once inside the forest go left and up and you should be there. BE PREPARED!!! You will have to battle Rick 3 times in a row with NO HEALING, then you either battle Felinar or automatically get her on your team, cant remember exactly.


    And oh my GEE GEE, I cant find Gabby again, Ive battled twice now. First time at Coral Sea then again at Fruits's Basket. And Ive gone everywhere I can think but Gabby is GONE! Where do I go from here?