Thread: Development: Creating New Battle Animations
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Originally Posted by DoesntKnowHowToPlay View Post
It begins at where the animation's pointer points to and ends at the 08 command. Since non-terminating 08s are rather common, what I usually do is just grab around x200 bytes, move it into free space, and chop bits off until the game crashes. There's probably a more efficient way to do this but it works. Also note that a few animations (I think Comet Punch) end in jumps instead of 08 commands.

Urgh damn you my brain, still not understand D:

When the game crashes? i mean, is it when you do the move, or at the start of the game? and what do you mean by chop the bits off? Dx

Also, people, can you share the move code you guys found so far? it really helped even if it just one or two...(except slash)
dunno what to write here....
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