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Whilst I'm at university my programs are limited due to the horrid restricted internet connection, so I can't use most of my top 5 programs like uTorrent or Pidgin anymore.
Right now it stands at this:

1. Chrome/Chromium - It's my main web browser, depending on the operating sytem.
2. Microsoft Word - for the ridiculous amount of essays/reports/lesson plans I have to write :D
3. Forge - a MTG simulator kind of thing. I use this to test new decks I'm building at 3am when I can't sleep and nobody else is around.
4. Skype - Since Pidgin, or any other MSN client doesn't work on my universities internet connection I have to stick with skype for IMing.
5. Inkscape - Since my crappy netbook can't really handle Illustrator I use this for most of my graphic designing needs.

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