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Lucia Francisco Bernavard

Eric nodded as he looked at the Ninjask, studying her. He looked at Mark's reactions as well, raising an eyebrow, but not wanting to say anything yet. "Interesting Ninjask you have there Mark. Now, you ready to battle?" He asked as he took out a pokeball and released his own Ninjask. This one was a bit bigger than Able, not by much though and another things was that it was flying rather calmly in front of Eric. "You shall be going against Adrian." He said. The Ninjask just hovered there in mid air as he looked at Able before he got into what could be considered a battle stance. His wings began to flap faster and he dashed side to side very quickly, eager to start the battle.

Eric smile at Mark, "Make the first move then. I can tell you this, your Ninjask won't stand up to Adrian." He said with a content voice.
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