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I don't particulary collect video games, it's just that when I buy one, I rarely sell it. I did it as a kid because I wanted money to buy other games but now...I only sell games that I really won't miss. I sold Resistance 2(got it for free with my ps3 years ago, played it once, didn't like it) and Fallout New Vegas(got the "GOTY" version, so I didn't need the "normal" version anymore) and got those reductions and I might sell(or trade, I still need Stadium 2 and Snap) Harvest Moon DS and Animal Crossing DS because I really won't miss them. I don't really have much money as I'm still a student and after my studies, I really don't want to work in a company, it's not my cup of tea. I want to make games, it's cliche but I know what to expect and I'm ready to face the difficulties. I don't seek success or millions, I'd be happy with just doing what I want to do in my life and it's games, away, in the countryside. Preferably, with the girl I love, but that's another story all together.

Sometimes, I think I should stop talking about myself...
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