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Made a new post as my other one has been buried. p__p


Lost vs AlexOzzyCake 1/16 (Flying)
Lost vs Pave Low 2/16 (Poison)
Lost vs MidnightShine 3/16 (Dragon)
Won vs Huggermugger 4/16 (Ice)
Lost vs littlebrother 5/16 (Fire)
Won vs HaiImNate 6/16 (Fighting)
Won vs Cid 7/16 (Ground)
Lost vs Hyperbeem 8/16 (Grass)
Won vs RandomTrainerWhoCould 9/16 (Water)
Won vs GolurkIsDaBomb 10/16 (Steel)

EDIT: Is it alright if I don't have a wild card? c: I forgot while making the team and now people keep reminding me about it.