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I applaud to quil's post :D (and the image too! I *think* I've seen it before but it doesn't matter. xD What Pinkie said, it is mind blowing. :O)

Originally Posted by quilzel
So, who here likes conventions? Been to any of them? Planning on going to one in the future? (Brony Ones)
I've been seriously thinking of going to one, but there's one thing that's stopping me...and it's not really the money. It's actually the dates. This year's bronycon takes place on the same weekend that I *might* (still pending!) be on vacation with my family. As of this moment, I haven't heard of any cons near me (except for the one in LA but that's terribly far away sadly). So, I'm kinda hoping for a miracle that the vacation dates would be changed xD If not, there's always next year, right?

At the same time, obviously I've never been to a convention before. xD So, judging from what I've heard or read, conventions with ponies sound like soooo much fun. <3

Originally Posted by quilzel
How has 42 changed your life?
Well, it has indeed changed my life in so many ways possible. Back then I was a huge pessimist about everything & so negative. Although I still prefer to be alone sometimes, I still care a lot about my friends, and the friendships I've established with all of them. I'm no longer afraid to approach to anyone and say a proper "hello", like years ago when I was extremely shy and didn't want to talk to absolutely anyone. And just last semester I realized that working (and being) in groups is a lot more fun than working (and being) alone...especially when working on a huge project. Thanks to that, I took it all in as a huge "42" lesson.

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