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    Originally Posted by hysteriX View Post
    Wow okay! I think I'm only going to fight with you a bit over some things

    A couple that I missed in that mega post and noted things about later:

    Audino - Audino's a nice design. Emphasis on the word "nice." It's sort of like a cross between Winnie the Pooh and Mr. Rogers, and it even looks like it's wearing a Mr. Rogers-style cardigan sweater. And that sort of empty-headed, hopeful smile it has fits it so perfectly.

    Krookodile is another great design. Sandile is okay, but nothing special, though it does get points for being so exactly what it is. Krokorok is better, and fits into the evolutionary line well - it's getting a bit of an attitude, but it's a defensive, glowering, arms-crossed sort of an attitude. Like it's trying to be badass but just isn't that sure of itself yet. Krookodile though - that's a pokemon that just can't wait to tear things up.

    More if I think of them....
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