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    Hi everyone.~ Here's a little smidgen of a story I whipped up a few weeks ago. I originally posted it on my deviantART, but I have decided that I'll post it on here also. Keep in mind that it's only a prototype, and may not even be used in the future.


    Nevrik decided to take the old wolf's advice. As he scuttled down the the slopes, he kept reciting the elder wolf's words in his mind. "The great gods above will guide you, boy," were the words. Advancing even further down the rocks, he found they shrine the wolf spoke of. A curve of stone, he examined. Upon it was carved a language unknown to him. He stood in the curve, as instructed previously, then sat down. He concentrated greatly on his own thoughts. "What does it mean?" he muttered. He paused. "I don't know what you're meant to do, but help me. I have lost my way on this journey and I am in dire need of your guidance," he added. Finally, he stared to the valley before him, waiting for something to happen. He sat for a good minute. He shook his head. "Maybe I'm not worthy or something," he grumbled, shrugging his shoulders with discontent. He turned tail and headed back up the slopes. Little did he know that, as he left, the illegible text upon the stone curve shone with a bright, orange colour...