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Gwen Deallus.

Location: traveling from Oak Town to the Academy.

As she made her way back across the plains between Oak Town and the academy, Gwen's backpack was significantly heavier than before. She had spent the last hour shopping in Oak Town and had also spent the majority of her money.
Gwen had set out with the intention to purchase a digital camera, a map and new winter coat, all of which she had managed to acquire relatively easily in the town. During the hunt, she had also come across a TM store and after a good 15 minutes browsing the store, deciding she was impressed with the selection on offer, she had purchased a TM to teach the move 'ice fang'.


Gwen, in her new jacket.

The result of which was that unlike her backpack, Gwen's wallet was feeling a lot lighter.

Gwen realized that the light was beginning to wane, as her and Amber were about half way back to the academy.
"We should try to get back soon, theres a big thanksgiving meal tonight in the cafeteria, it would be a good way to meet some of the other members of Raikou dorm...." she mused, aloud.
Amber however, was not paying attention. Her hackles were raised, her feet were planted firmly on the ground and she was emitting a low growl at the pokemon who had been following them.

The small blue pokemon, raised it's short trunk and tooted happily. It then curled into a ball and rolled towards Amber at an alarming velocity.

"Amber, sucker-punch!" shouted Gwen, before she even had time to fully contemplate the situation.

The Poochyena Amber, lunged to the side out of the Phanpy's path and swung a fierce blow directly into her opponents flank. Bewildered, Phanpy shook it's head and tried to locate the Poochyena, this however proved to be a difficult task as Amber had sprung behind the Phanpy as soon as she had hit it.

"Don't let up Amber, hit it with a bite before it can recover!"

Amber complied, and launched herself at the unaware Phanpy. Her fangs clamped on the Phanpy's back and it tooted in objection, then rolled itself into a defensive ball, and tried to roll away from this fiercer than expected onslaught.

"Oh no you don't! Amber, finish this with a howl, then a tackle!" Shouted the confident red-headed trainer.

Amber let out a surprisingly loud and intimidating howl, launched herself fearlessly at the Phanpy and smashed into it with a deep thud.

Phanpy let out a weak toot and tried to roll onto it's stubby legs, but before it could do anything it was absorbed in red light emitting from the premier ball thrown by Gwen.

The white sphere rocked gently, flashed twice and then remained stationary.
Amber walked over and sniffed the ball curiously.

Ten minutes later, and Gwen was introducing Phanpy to Amber, at first Phanpy was alarmed and tried to roll away from the Poochyena. This was understandable considering the events which had just unfolded, but after Amber had yapped a few times, and then lay down to show she was not a threat, Gwen was able to administer the Phanpy with a potion to heal it's wounds. This done, the Phanpy happily tooted at Gwen and Amber, before Gwen returned Phanpy to it's ball.

"Well done Amber, I'm proud of you, lets get going, it's not getting any lighter, and the thanksgiving meal had probably already started."

Gwen pushed her glasses up with a finger, and continued towards the academy.

It only took ten more minutes until she was walking in through the main gate. At some point on the way Gwen had broken into a jog, and Amber managed to run alongside with little effort. Slowing her pace as they entered the building, they were struck by the delicious smells coming from the cafeteria.
"Damn that smells good..." muttered Gwen.
"I think you might need to return to your ball Amber, it's probably quite crowded in there, even without everyones pokemon running around. I'll save you some food, promise." she added, before returning the Poochyena to her greatball.

Gwen quickly found a seat in the cafeteria, it looked like she was still rather early, as most of the seats were empty, at least there was no one either side of her when she sat down.

Re-arranging her glasses, she thought to herself:
"Hmm, I do hope that whoever sits next to me is in Raikou dorm, although even if they aren't I can still introduce myself and ask some of the questions I've been wondering about the academy.."
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