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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Adrian silently stared at Able and as the battle started the Ninjask just... stared. He didn't bother to talk back, but it seemed he was studying her, inspecting her as he hovered there. His wings flapped about calmly even as she shouted her taunts at him. He just stared, every so often blinking, but for the most part he seemed to be in a somber and calm state.

    Eric watched Mark and more specifically Able. For the most part the two seemed to be working as one. Now then, what would happen if he just put a bit of strain on that relationship? "Adrian, defense mechanic two." Eric said as the Ninjask stared to Able, training his eyes on her. He would slowly build up the tension between the two, see where Able's cracking point was.
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