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Pokemon Yellow Update #3

-avoid most trainers on route 9,caught a magnemite.named it bolt.
-battle all of the trainers on route 9 and 10 to level up bolt.backtrack to route 11 and battle the trainers too.level up bolt to 30 and let it evolved into magneton.
-travel thru rock tunnel avoiding some trainers.
-travel thru route 7 and 8.avoid most trainers on 8.
-got a free evee,named it jolt,brought a thunderstone,evolve it into a jolteon.taught it thunderbolt.
-brought a soda from the vending machine on cept dept store roof.give it to the thirsty guard.
-backtrack back to route 7,battle trainers.
-defeat saffron city fighting dojo.
-defeat jesse&james/goivanni in team rocket hideout under gamecorner.
-defeat erika.
-defeat my rival,marowak ghost and james&jesse in pkmn tower and rescue dr. poke flute from dr.fuji.
-woke up snorlax on route 16.trave thru route 17-12,battling trainers.