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Originally Posted by vapes View Post
Well SP Atk shouldn't really matter since it's mostly a wall and its natural SP Atk can do some damage anyways. But yes I have hatched an egg that has much better SP Def, Def, and Speed. 29/30-31/29 respectively. The SP Atk is 5-8, but honestly it doesn't bother me as toxic and protect and wish will take out Pokes. And Surf/Scald will still do quite a lot of damage.

But yes I'll have to get a togepi..
But then again, having a good IV in an offensive stat you intend to use is also important, as Toxic may not be enough to take down opponents, and base stats aren't enough alone, since there are times when the low IV will hinder your damage output.

Togepi and Eevee can't breed together as they belong to different egg groups. You can have a male Smeargle Sketch Wish and breed it with Eevee.