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Alice Crenshaw
Entei Dorm

Having her mouth full of tomato soup, the only way Alice could reply to Roxas' question was body language. She got her head off Roxas' shoulder and nodded, then rested it there again, swallowing the soup.

"Yup, thank you Roxas...I-I don't know why you're doing all this...since w-we barely know each other...but thank you for everything~"

All of a sudden, Alice closed her eyes and made herself more confortable, wrapping her arms around Roxas and moving her head a little bit. She looked as if she was having the most amazing dream ever as she snuggled into her caretaker; however one couldn't tell if she was actually dreaming or just comfortable holding him tight.

"You're so sweet~" she added, probably unaware of it.
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