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    Roxas Jaden Asakura
    Alice's room

    Roxas got all red when Alice spit out the words "You're sweet". She even snuggled into him and wrapped her arms around him! Roxas slowly put the dish with tomato soup on the ground and wrapped his arms around her as well. Right now he was afraid he couldn't control hisself anymore, but he knew he had to or else she would get scared of him. He is a men afterall, she would probably think he was trying to harass her.

    But it was too late for the poor boy, his manly emotions took him over as he leaned into her, attemptin to kiss her. But as soon as he realized it he took out an asperin he had been carrying around and stuffed it into his mouth before gently touching her lips with his. Ofcourse his red face was feeling really hot right now. They only had meet two days ago and he was kissing her already. badass Roxas!
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