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    I am just disappointed that no matter what you do the game railroads you to follow the seriously I completely curbstomped Brock in our first match via Butterfree yet it acts as if I lost. I raped the Tentacrul that attacked the island, yet act as if it made a point. I destroyed the one guys Hitmochan(forget his name) and he acts as if he won...I mean come on...the only thing that was not rail roaded was that special gym where you can get the badge that will allow you to join the pokemon league without having all 8 badges. Dunno if I would be allowed to enter the league though without all 8 since I wanted to get all the badges anyway but still.

    I mean I get it is a hack made to replicate the episodes but let us have SOME differences pop up depending on how we do. I mean I wrecked Sabrina's gym and still was beaten by plot. I mean the hack is great of course. Just saying.
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