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    Haru groaned slightly as he trudged away from the harbor. At first he wondered if he left anything behind on the boat that ferried him to the island, but his aching back told him that he hadn't misplaced a thing. He had no choice but to lug his backpack full of just about everything he owned in life. He didn't want to impose upon the secret base in case the original owner finally returned. Although, a solid 1500 poke was left behind with a thank you note underneath. There was no telling if the person would ever return, but at least they would know the gratitude that Haru had for the living place being there.

    Besides, there was going to be a bed and living space waiting for him! He wasn't sure if he'd be sharing the room with others, but a place to sleep is a place to sleep. If he couldn't deal with the people there was always the possibility of making his own secret base. He'd need to find A TM or a pokemon that knew Secret Power, but he figured the academy's store would have what he would be looking for.

    "Swa... Swaaa..." Icarus, Haru's Swablu, strained as he tried to help his trainer. Claws gripping at the backpack and wings flapping, he tried to lift the pack a little to lighten the burden on Haru's back. The boy was grateful, but he reached behind himself and grabbed the bird pokemon.

    "Icarus, don't hurt yourself. You know I can handle this," Haru cooed as he placed the bird on top of his head. The boy smiled a facade as Icarus relaxed his body and roosted on his favorite place in the world; Haru could manage the burden on his back, but he very well didn't like it. Fending for himself made the boy hardy and slightly stronger than average, but all that weight was a lot to hump. On the other hand, his Kirlia had exhausted herself using her psychic abilities to help Haru with a majority of the packing and carrying to the boat. He could at least finish the rest of the way to the Raikou dorm (a yellow bandanna was wrapped around his arm to signify what dorm he was looking for in case some student decided to take pity on him and help him find his room). He was at least glad that his Growlithe was helping with the security detail. Kaiser was walking alongside the boy and kept a lookout for Rattata and other pokemon known to try and steal from unsuspecting trainers. Then again, it was mostly an excuse to bark at anything that moved.

    A few minutes later a scent caught his nose. Haru sighed heavily as he identified it as thanksgiving food. He was hungry, the heavy lifting he was doing multiplied the feeling, but as a flying-type enthusiast he found it kinda weird to participate in eating a stuffed bird. Icarus was also a little hesitant each time he did eat poultry, so he wasn't sure how the little bird would feel watching other students eat a giant stuffed bird (Icarus shivered a little; as if he could read the boy's mind and knew what he was thinking). Maybe he could order room service or something? Did they have that here?

    Haru sighed again, but this time with relief. He had made it through the clearing onto the school grounds. A bunch of students were walking to the same place: probably the mess hall. Almost blending into the crowd, the boy stood upright and tried to make it look like he wasn't being crushed under the weight of his own stuff.

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